Healing & Prayer

Twelve years ago I was looking through the Namaste Café web site
where I have a link under "Inspirational Writing."

I was looking for something but didn't know what I was looking for.
 Then I saw a link for the Distant Healing Network.

I read about it and decided that I wanted to be a volunteer healer ... I wanted to do something
 worthwhile using my love and light energy including prayer to help people in need.
Although I am no longer a member of the DHN as of January 2018,
I still believe in the power of healing through love and prayer.
It was fulfilling and rewarding and I was only one of nine hundred volunteers who
use different modalities of healing including reiki, spiritual healing, and prayer.

22 Cats-Crossing has been created because I love animals. I decided to offer some different things
that have to do with animals and pets and couldn't pass up the opportunity to offer help and support
to those who have pets in need of healing. You may go directly to the DHN web site link at the bottom
of this page and there you will see a link for "Healing Requests for Pets." Please read everything thoroughly
before you place your request. In no way can "distant healing" harm people or animals, but if you are afraid
of this service, I recommend that you hold off until you have no fear of it.  In any case, distant healing
and prayer are not meant to take the place of the care your pet may require from the medical attention
given at an animal hospital. Distant Healing is meant to offer additional help and support
and will not interfere with medical attention. The decision is yours, however.

Although I am offering healing help through the DHN link below, if you wish you may
send me a request for prayer and love energy, as well. There is no charge for this service.
I and the DHN do not claim that we are miracle workers, but I have witnessed many
healing successes in the twelve years I have been affiliated with the DHN.

If you would like me to help an animal or pet in need, simply send me an email,
which can also be found at the bottom of this page, and add the following information:

Name of your pet
Gender & Age of your pet
Type of animal and description (photo okay)
Condition in which you are seeking help for your pet
Name of person placing the request (first name okay)
Email of the person sending the request

As soon as I receive an email requesting love energy and prayer for your pet or animal,
I will offer my help immediately upon reading your request and will then send you confirmation
that healing has been sent to your pet or animal. Although I will not repeat my email to you,
I will continue to send healing love and prayer for one month.

If you would like me to remove your pet's name from my "Healing & Prayer List," you may do so
at any time by sending me an email requesting me to do so. However, after one month, if you feel
more help is needed, simply resubmit your request to me at that time.

We at the DHN always ask people to let us know how things are progressing so we
know if our help is making a difference in the condition that the request was for.

So if you have a chance, please let me know how things
are progressing with your animal or pet.

Below you will find the link to the
Distant Healing Network
and an Email link to me personally.

Again, there is no charge for this service.

Love, Peace, and Blessings,

If you would like to send in a Healing or Prayer Request
from the DHN click onto the link below:

If you would like to send in a Love Energy & Prayer Request
from me personally, click on the link below:


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